Mining the Sacred

One River Wisdom School honors human religiosity without promoting any religion in particular. We offer a safe haven for spiritual exploration where doubt is welcome and questioning encouraged; where community is based on shared inquiry rather than imposed conformity; and where friendship is fostered not in spite of differences but because of them.

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Our Mission

To promote the study of the sacred texts of the world’s religions and the cultivation of a personal spiritual practice.

One River Wisdom School fosters religious literacy and spiritual maturation in a welcoming, contemplative weekend retreat setting. While each retreat has its own focus (the Sacred Art of Lovingkindness, Perennial Wisdom, Sacred Texts, East and West, to name but three), each retreat is grounded in five core disciplines practiced throughout the day: Qigong, Lovingkindness, Mindfulness Meditation, Contemplative Study, and Self–Inquiry. Rabbi Rami and Rev. Dr. Gordon Peerman comprise our core faculty, and are often joined by other teachers.

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