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One River Foundation is gratified to announce our partnership with The Spiritual Guidance Training Institute.

Working in collaboration with The Spiritual Guidance Training Institute, One River Foundation offers qualified students the opportunity to train as spiritual directors in an interfaith, interspiritual, and Perennial Wisdom context. Founded and run by Drs. Jeanette Banashak and Janice Lundy, The Spiritual Guidance Training Institute provides would–be spiritual directors with a rigorous 18–month training program blending residential institutes in Chicago, Illinois with state of the art distance learning. The Institute emphasizes the inner development of the spiritual seeker and guide, familiarization with the world’s religions and prominent spiritual movements, and welcomes students from all spiritual backgrounds including the spiritually independent, those seekers of wisdom who choose not to limit themselves to any one spiritual or religious system. The certification program prepares graduates to work within both private practice and organizational settings.

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