Cup of Wisdom
Pay it Forward

 Pay It Forward:
Responding to kindness by being kind and generous to someone else

One River Foundation is a non–profit educational organization devoted to sharing Perennial Wisdom by distributing free copies of The World Wisdom Bible. Cup of Wisdom is one way we do this. How do we pay for this? We rely on the principle of Pay It Forward: responding to the kindness and generosity of one person by being kind and generous to someone else. The Cup of Wisdom kit you receive (twelve copies of The World Wisdom Bible and 12 Cup of Wisdom coffee mugs) is provided to you free of charge through the generosity of strangers, who received their Cup of Wisdom kit through the generosity of strangers. And, those strangers, too, received their kit through the generosity of still other strangers. Think about that for a moment: twelve strangers chipped in $25 dollars each so you and your guests could each receive a free copy of The World Wisdom Bible and a Cup of Wisdom mug making it possible for all of you to participate in a Cup of Wisdom salon. How cool is that?

We think it’s very cool. But as cool as it is, it also means that we are dependent on your salon doing the same for another salon. We are dependent on you and your guests Paying it Forward.

Of course, you might think that $25 is a lot for one ninety–minute gathering. That’s why we hope you will continue to host the salon over eleven meetings. These could be weekly, bi–weekly, or even monthly—whatever works for you. This allows your group to read and discuss one chapter of The World Wisdom Bible at each meeting. This makes the cost of each gathering $2.28 which sounds a lot better. Of course you have to add in the cost of coffee, tea, or whatever else you might pour into the Cup of Wisdom mugs, but you could defray the cost by asking people to chip in for that as well.

Here’s how to Pay It Forward: As you distribute books and mugs to your guests explain the Pay It Forward concept, making it clear that these are a gift from strangers. Ask each guest to chip in $25 by giving you a check so you can make an on–line donation of $300 to Pay Forward the cost of gifting the next salon with their Cup of Wisdom kit. If necessary, guests and hosts can each make their $25 Pay it Forward donation on-line, individually. But, we prefer one single donation from each group so we can associate each gift with a specific salon.

By choosing to Pay It Forward – making a tax–free donation of $25.00 or more to the One River Foundation – you make it possible for others to receive free copies of The World Wisdom Bible as well. Think of it as a “chain letter” seeding a new consciousness that will help bring about a just, compassionate and thriving world guided by Perennial Wisdom and the ethic of interdependence it reveals. And, that is what One River Foundation, The World Wisdom Bible, and Cup of Wisdom are all about.

One River Foundation is a 501 c 3 non–profit organization so all monies donated are tax exempt.