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Celebrating creativity on the cutting edge of human spirituality.

Holy Rascals share the wisdom of contemporary spiritual pioneers through film, podcasts, and periodic gatherings called Holy Rascal Revivals.

Our Mission

To creatively reengage with the myths, stories, and symbols of the world’s religions, and to cultivate Self–realization in the service of all beings through our Holy Rascal Revivals, pod-casts, and videos.

More on Holy Rascals

Holy Rascals are spiritual culture jammers who playfully pull back the curtain on the great and terrible wizards of parochial piety and shallow spirituality to free religion from hucksterism and pious pabulum. Through our books, video and audio recordings, and one–day Holy Rascal Revivals we invite you to lovingly and creatively reclaim the power of religious ritual, symbol, metaphor, and parable to liberate minds, open hearts, unclench fists, and awaken souls to the wonder of the sacred within and without. If you feel the call of the rascal, consider producing a Holy Rascals video and/or hosting a Holy Rascals Revival where you live.

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