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From the Parochial to the Perennial

One River Foundation is a global network of spiritual seekers, creatives, activists, boundary–crossers, and holy rascals working for the spiritual liberation of humankind by freeing religion from the parochial and the political, the tribal and xenophobic, the one–dimensional and literal, to reclaim the Perennial Wisdom at the heart of humanity’s sacred myths, stories, rituals, and symbols.

Our Vision

We envision a just, compassionate, and thriving world guided by the world’s Perennial Wisdom and the ethic of interdependence it reveals.

Our Values

Our VALUES, both personal and organizational, are rooted in the teachings of Perennial Wisdom:

  • Interdependence over Independence
  • Doubt over Certainty
  • Questions over Answers
  • Creativity over Conformity
  • Conversation over Consensus
  • Compassion over Confrontation
  • Silence over Testimony
  • Open Minds over Empty Heads
  • Open Arms over Closed Fists

We are only one river. We are only one sea.
And it flows through you, and it flows through me.
We are only one people. We are one and the same.
We are all one spirit. We are all one name.
We are the father, mother, daughter and son
From the dawn of creation, we are one.
We are one.

River of Jordan, Peter Yarrow, with permission

Our Mission

To achieve our vision by promoting Perennial Wisdom through the free distribution of the World Wisdom Bible, mining the sacred through One River Wisdom Schools, celebrating spiritual creativity through Holy Rascals videos, podcasts, and revivals, and building community through Cup of Wisdom salons.



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