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One River Foundation events and retreats are opportunities to gather with others for a journey into the spiritual teachings and practices of the world’s Perennial Wisdom. We invite you to join us at a World Wisdom Bible retreat, a Cup of Wisdom gathering, a One River Wisdom School weekend,
the World Wisdom Bible Biennial, and/or a Holy Rascal Revival.

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Join us in this free and open space to share, in 25 words or less, the wisdom, knowledge, or spiritual insight you have gained during your time on this, or any other, planet.

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The Conversation is a monthly, moderated, interactive forum. We encourage you to engage with Perennial Wisdom teachings that speak directly to you, and with others who are doing the same.

Featured News

Walking Without, Journeying Within

One River is proud to participate in Spirituality and Health Magazine’s visit to Israel, Walking Without, Journeying Within – An Inter-spiritual Exploration of Israel, October 4 – 14, 2018. The trip will be lead by our faculty Rabbi Rami Shapiro and Rev. Gordon Peerman. For details CLICK HERE.

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Holy Rascals is a short little book that makes the hamsters in your brain get a workout. This book talks about learning to look at your religion through the lense of humor. Not in a mocking, but thought provoking way. I am alright with some spiritual snarkiness. For some reason this brand of humor was lost on me throughout most of this book. Continue…

Shapiro, a rabbi and self-described holy rascal, writes about the divine and the role of spirituality in contemporary life with refreshing zest in his latest work (following Accidental Grace). Shapiro outlines his definition of a holy rascal—a spiritual figure who steps outside established traditions to challenge and adapt them—by outlining his own life story of seeking truth across traditions, Continue…

One River Foundation Announces Partnership With The Spiritual Guidance Training Institute

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